Established in 1995, Stepping Stone is an active peer center open 7 hours a day Monday through Saturday with a variety of activities for clients and with two bedrooms for those who choose to stay as respite guests. People who choose to say as guests stay overnight from one to seven days and are welcome to bring their pets. This is an alternative to psychiatric hospitalization, serving individuals with overwhelming feelings including those who feel so badly that they do not want to continue living. Guests are free to come and go. Some continue to go to work and stay overnight at Stepping Stone. Guests bring and cook their own food and can have 24-hour peer support available to them. Stepping Stone Crisis Respite Program creates an opportunity for people to learn from, and be supported in making the transition from crisis to wellness. Within the context of a mutually responsible relationship, and with the help of consumer staff’s experiential knowledge and training, those who sincerely wish to overcome their difficulties can greatly reduce the use of more restrictive hospital settings, including involuntary admissions. All services are free to New Hampshire residents.


H.E.A.R.T.S. Peer Support Center and Respite Center of Greater Nashua, Region VI. H.E.A.R.T.S. is a non-profit Peer Support Center open 8:00 am to 4:00 pm, Monday through Friday and Saturday 8 am to 12 pm. Our mission, as peers, is to support one another as people who are challenged by the daily effects of living with, coping with, and recovering from mental health issues. Everyone will be encouraged to develop relationships that will enable and empower each other’s worldview. In addition, our aim is to develop greater awareness of personal and relational patterns, to support and challenge each other through peer support, self-advocacy, empowerment, and education. Our ultimate goal is to achieve recovery and ongoing wellness.

Monadnock Peer Respite

Monadnock Peer Respite provides a healing environment where each individual can find the equilibrium and support needed to transform what is commonly known as a crisis into an opportunity for growth, learning and hope. MPR is for anyone who is experiencing distress and feels they would benefit from being in a short-term, 24-hour, peer-to-peer, supported environment with others who have 'been there.'  We strive to provide a safe place in which each person can find the balance and support needed to turn what is so often referred to as 'crisis' into a learning and growth opportunity. Monadnock Peer Respite is founded upon years of community advocacy that has recognized the value of peer-to-peer support. It operates based upon several core values including genuine human relationships, self-determination and personal strength, mutuality, optimism, healing environments, and respect.