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Manuals with Guidance on Starting and Sustaining a Peer Respite

Virtual Communities


peer-run-respites@yahoogroups.com is a list of people working in peer run respites, trying to start peer run respite and allies. You can sign up at www.warmline.org or email Howard Trachtman hdt@mit.edu to be added to the group.


The National Peer Respite Leader Network is a network of peer respite directors and leaders from across the country.  We have an active Google Group and meet quarterly through GoToMeeting to provide training, support, and networking opportunities for peer respite leaders who have either established peer respites or are working to do so.  For more information or to sign up for the Google Group please email Oryx Cohen at oryx@power2u.org, or visit the National Empowerment Center webpage- power2u.org/crisis-alternatives/.


Videos of Peer Respites Houses

Webinars and Presentations on Peer Respites

Job Openings at Peer Respites