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Gainesville Peer Respite

Gainesville Peer Respite


Contact Information

Gainesville Peer Respite

Gainesville, Florida


Mission Statement

Provides sanctuary and support to those who are experiencing or have experienced overwhelming mental/emotional distress. Seeks to create a community that supports open dialogue, empowerment, self-determination, recovery and wellness.

Program Eligibility Requirements

  • 18 years of age or older
  • Priority will be given to Alachua Co. residents, then will accept additional guests space permitting
  • Must self-identify as a peer, be independent in ADLs, and have a permanent address
  • Guests can be receiving services through the local mental health system, though this is not required. 

We are the first and currently the only Peer Respite program in Florida!

The idea for this Respite began in 2015 and we cut the ribbon February, 2017.