Peer Respite Essential Features Survey

Results from the 2018 PREF Survey examine changes in peer respite operations, funding, staffing, and guest experience between 2014-2018. In 2018, the results are reported in two separate reports.

2018 Survey respondents by state.

2018 Survey respondents by state.

Every two years beginning in 2010, Live & Learn staff and partners have conducted a Peer Respites Essential Features (PREF) survey. All peer respites in the U.S. are invited to participate. Since the first survey in 2010, the number has grown substantially, as reflected in our Peer Respite Directory.

This effort creates nationwide, longitudinal data that documents trends in organizational development and program policy so that communities and states can learn from each other as the number of peer respites grows nationwide.

View or download the PDF reports from previous years:


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